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Dir En Grey
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Dir En Grey

If you are not familiar with the J-rock band Dir En Grey Now is your time to! Very quick profile:
The blonde guy: Kyo(vocals) real name Tooru Niimura
The purple haired guy: kaoru(lead guitar) Real Name: kaoru niikura
The Red head: Die(guitar) Real name: Daisuke Andou
The black haired one: Toshiya(Bass) real name: Toshiya Hara
Last one with brownish blonde hair: shinya(drums) real name: Shinya Terachi
Anyways...This is my favorite J-rock band of all eternity nice and maybe download one of their songs or two^_^

Dir En Grey

Don't they just look sooo awsome?*hearts* Oh yeah and Die's my favorite^____^ kaoru too