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For the love of Yaoi

Random Yaoi pics

My Favorite(one pic)
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Random Yaoi pics
Beautiful Yaoi
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Like it says in the title...these are random yaoi pics I like *wow*

Iason and Riki (Ai No Kusabi)

How I love Ai No Kusabi!!! It has to be the best yaoi movie of all time! If you can download it please do! It's a really sad movie.....anyways this is another master/pet relationship that I simply adore ^_^

Kaworu and Shinji (Evangelion)

Isn't this just adorable? I love it soooo much! plus shinji and Kaworu ARE my favorite shounen-ai couple.....

Ukyou and Kuro

Hehehe I think this picture is kinda cute ^_^ It's from the Inu Mo Arukeba manga^_^


This picture is really elegant in a way. It looks sad even 0.o I believe this artist is usually a shouta one, but I guess they made a yaoi one....hmmm...I always believe this is a guy that draws this...why I don't know