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Bleeding Moon
Tetsu (one pic)
Sexy guys in uniform^_^
Random j-rock pics
A small Yu~ki shrine!
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Random j-rock pics

Random pictures of sexy people (especially Kohta! ^_~)


Toshiya-chan~~~~! Doesn't this pic just look so AWSOME? I mean lookit that guitar 0.o and not to mention the guy attatched to it.....*adds to X-mas list*


Haha! It's Kohta-kun! (pierrot) And guess what? Kirito's his Brother! Talk about good looks running in the family...) He even has a nose ring *drools*


Wow talk about a bright picture.....oh well it's the legendary Hide-sama! And if you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about you better get your ass to some profile pages or something cause if you don't know Hide, you don't know J-rock!


Wah! You gotta love this picture! I mean it's Sugizo(Luna Sea) sexy,cute, and very good taste in clothes^_^ too bad he has a wife and child (&^%$!)